Entry #1

A Musical Return to Ya'll

2015-09-14 18:31:48 by TheSecretProvider

Hello awesome people of Newgrounds. I used to be a big lurker back in 05-09 before going in different directions and leaving for awhile. I started focusing on music and sound design and I thought what better way than trying to promote that stuff then make a return to my old stomping grounds!

So yeah, there's lots of free music following the links on my page or here. Most of it is free to do whatever you wish with (if there isn't a price on the album), and you can use it in any flash movie or video game as long as you give me credit! [Spooky/ambient] [Video gamey/electronic] [Folk/rock] [Progressive/exeperimental rock]

Anyways I'll be seeing more of you guys soon in and around the audio portal! Take care!


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